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A synergy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Alchemy of Gold, the Energy of Static Magnetic Field Gradients, the Activation of the Biological Repair System of the skin.

This is a facial experience you will love! 

Stimulate the Healing Response and encourage the natural production of elastin, collagen and laminin-5, ideal for;

  • volume loss

  • facial sag

  • loss of elasticity

  • skin vitality and healthy complexion

  • balance the acid mantle to reduce skin breakouts, dryness and itchy skin

  • menopausal skin

  • sensitive skin

  • sun damage and scarring  

  • balancing facial symmetry 

  • bringing collagen into fine lines

  • reducing the depth of wrinkles

  • reducing pigmentation

Achieve healthy, vibrant skin in one hour with Qi beauty's luxurious Gold Plated Micro-Magnet Facial Treatment. 

Qi beauty facial treatment

Noticeable results after every treatment

Each visit, skin is assessed and an individualised matrix is designed to address the specific skin concerns. 

How it works:

  • Natural anti aging compounds move upwards to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, loss of volume and bounce

  • Collagen and elastin moving towards the surface reduces the appearance of facial sag and heavy skin.

  • Skin appears brighter, reducing red tones and dullness, while complexion is overall clearer as the treatment is vaso-normative and normalises skin pH.  

  • Stimulating skin throughout the Skin Desquamation process (6 week cycle) encourages healthy skin flora, improved cell renewal, and encourages more active cell behaviour.

  • When the new cells replace the old cells, they are replaced in the memory of the old cell. By stimulating cells throughout the 6 week cycle you are ensuring cells are replaced with the memory of an energetic, healthy cell.  

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Qi beauty

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Qi beauty Packages & Facials Lisa Dallin Master Practitioner


60 Day Rejuvenation Package - $825.00

Create healthy, vibrant, energized skin with this 60 day skin rejuvenation package.

Package Includes:

  • 5 Qi beauty facials , each one customized to your unique skincare needs and facial landscape.

  • A Qi beauty Matrix Collection Magnetic Skin Recovery System Home Kit with 52 treatments following the Original Qi beauty Face Map plus the new Matrix Collection and a Qi beauty Travel Spritz (7 ml)

    *** Package to be used within 3 months of purchase

Qi beauty Facial - $180.00

This luxurious facial, Using Natural and Organic Australian products, along with 1000 Gold Micro-magnets, Static Magnetic Field manipulation and the body's Bio-electric System, will trigger cellular nourishment, assist in deep repair, promote volume, collagen, elastin, help normalize the acid mantle, and energize the skin.

Qi beauty “Demi” Facial - $110.00

Indulge in a Qi beauty signature "Demi" Facial with focus either on the Eyes, or on the Lips this "Demi" Facial lets you target specific areas.

Needle-free, no chemicals, or fillers.