Moments of Mindfulness  (Take a Moment)


Mindfulness is the action of being fully aware and focused on this moment, without judgement, and without attachment.

It’s being fully conscious, and aware. 


Mindfulness is all over the news today as more and more research confirms the health benefits that its practice can bring. It is being taught in schools, encouraged at work places, employed in health care, talked about in every magazine, its everywhere. 

Studies have shown that mindfulness has a powerful positive impact on our health, our attitude and our happiness factor. It is known to reduce stress, increase happiness, increase immunity, slow aging, improve heart health, improve mental function, reduce pain, increase wellbeing, improve sleep, the list goes on.

So how do we start “Mindfulness” and cash in on these amazing health benefits? How do we find time when life is busyor we have a“To Do “ list that is never ending or we are so caught up in routine that it feels impossible to remember to be mindful? 

One way I find that helps bring mindfulness into our lives is to start with Mindful Moments. That’s right just a moment – Start with anything – let’s say your morning cup of tea or coffee. 

As you pick up your morning cup, bring your awareness to your hand, wrapped around the mug and enjoy the sensation, the warmth, and the weight of your perfect mug.  Take a second and appreciate the aroma, notice how it makes you feel, the anticipation of the first mouthful and how your body responds, the taste as it fills your mouth and how you feel as you swallow.  Notice your breathing and your shoulders and feel the pleasure of that first sip – that “Ahhhhh” moment.  

... Congratulations!  You have experienced a Mindful Moment!

Our day is filled with unlimited opportunity for Mindful Moments, and each one only takes a moment. Think about it – the moment you wake up, morning showers, favorite music, the sunrise, fresh air, snowflakes, sound, laughter, eating, walking, sitting, breathing, riding the elevator, taking out the trash, flowers, shaking hands, ……limitless. Take a second and experience the moment, no judging, just experiencing with as much of you as you possibly can. Use all your senses, breathe, and just be in it.

When we experience these Mindful Moments and string them together we create and experience more and more Mindfulness!  There are hundreds of ways to build on Mindfulness and bring it into your life so you too can enjoy all the health benefits that are associated with it. I look forward to sharing more ways with you. In the interim - Take a moment.