The Magic of Movement    

Movement – something we do all day and rarely think about till we notice that we can’t.  It’s so insidious, that slow creeping change. So slight that we are really not quite sure it’s happening… and then it’s confirmed, our feet have moved further away from our body –we can’t get our socks on, or the shelf above our head is suddenly unreachable – our arms no longer rise above our head.   How did we get those things on that shelf up there?  Was the floor always that far away?

We notice aching and stiffness where there was none before and for no reason that we can remember.  What happened?  How did it happen??  Am I old now??? Is this it???? Movement is such an intimate part of who we are, what we do, how we define ourselves and yet we often forget that like anything we need to support it.

Maintaining movement is a gift we can give ourselves. We need to be sure that our body experiences a full range of motion, that we provide it with the fuel to support that movement and that we be fully present and in control while undertaking that movement. When we provide these things our bodies thrive, we become strong, graceful, flexible, healthy, and ageless.  

Pilates is one of the best ways that I have found to provide healthy movement. It is a program that utilizes concentration, controlled movement, active breathing, proper alignment and flow of exercises to establish a healthy, strong, flexible body full of vitality. It works gently without strain to the muscles and joints and has multitudes of adaptations to assist everyone regardless of movement challenges the opportunity to create a healthy moving body. 

Undertaking Pilates for 30 minutes a day can change your life. It will stop and reverse that insidious slow loss of movement. You will feel energised, more alert, reduce aches, pains, inflammation, reverse signs of ageing, and improve every cell of your body. Yes! Every cell!

Movement is vital to life. 

Join me in living agelessly, move your body, reap the rewards of movement and enjoy life fully and completely - Lisa